Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Money & Free Field Trip at the Federal Reserve

Yup, you read correctly.  You can have a free field trip AND get free money at the Federal Reserve's Money Museum!  We went to the one in Kansas City, of course.  There is also one in Denver. 

Now the facts are,  you receive a bag with about $165 in it!   The money is shredded beyond recognition but hey, it's the thought that counts.  Right?

You can also make your own money without getting in trouble with the Secret Service.  Here's mija's money.  Pink, of course!
Let's get to the rest of the visit!  It really is free.  It's kind of cool.  They run your ID before they allow you in the place.   You can take pictures of everything but back where the "ginormous" cash vault is located.  That's where they literally move money with forklifts!!

There are all kinds of displays both interactive and not. 

You can see things like money throughout the history of the United States. 

Or pick out counterfeit money. 

Most displays cover items like how the federal reserve works and elements of economics like inflation, budgeting etc.  For that reason, I can understand why the lessons plans they offer are geared for grades 5-8 and 9-12.  They do offer on-site presentations for groups of grades K-12.  That would have probably worked better for mija at her age. 

So remember...
Free Money + Free Field Trip = Federal Reserve's Money Museum !!!

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