Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bun head--my newest way to make a ballet bun

Spring Recital 2012
Mija loves ballet and is working diligently on the upcoming Nutcracker. (She has two new parts in addition to one she's done the past two years.)

The biggest challenge is getting and keeping mija's hair in a bun. It's long but thin and fine. 

There have been two products that I found that finally kept her bun up and her hair back. One was  Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray
and the other were these Goody Spin Pins. I make a braid and then screw this in and tada, it's a bun.

Well, the other day, mija took her bun out before she got home and lost them.

Now I will admit that I love the "screws" but came across something on Pinterest (of course) that gave me something else to try which actually works.

First, you take an old sock and cut the toe off. Thankfully, I found one of those lonely-socks-which-has-lost-its-mate-in-the-dryer to use. Here's what it looked like when done.
You fold the sock over and put it over her pony tail...kind of like a scrunchie. 

Then you flip the hair over the sock making sure to cover all the sock.
After it's all covered, you slip a ponytail holder over the hair-covered sock.
The hair that is hanging out is twisted around and around the ponytail holder. Now the Pinterest link used bobby pins. We didn't have bobby pins, so we just used little clips all around.
It's easy enough and has been good about staying in place. I think I'll fold the sock over more so the bun doesn't stick out as far next time.

I still want to get more "screws" before The Nutcracker, but this way is working just fine in the meantime.

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