Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebration of Life

Our Saturday was quite full. Mija's day was full of ballet practice because The Nutcracker is only two weeks off. My hubby and I had a full day of travel and celebrating life.

We had a friend die of lung cancer a few weeks ago, and the Celebration of Life service was scheduled for this past Saturday. Many may call it a memorial service and there is nothing wrong with that. They chose to call it the Celebration of Life because they wanted to celebrate Frank's life and the life he had in Jesus Christ.

As we were driving the three hours to get to the service, I considered what I would say about Frank if I shared. I realized I had three F's about Frank.

Fun--Whatever Frank was, he was a hoot. I can't remember a time when he didn't give me a hard time. Sledding on snow with inner-tubes. Hillbilly. Games. Loud. Never a dull moment.

Family--Even blessed with a second family to raise. The thing is not only his family was his family. Anyone he came into contact with became his family. Even this woman whether single or married. Never felt like and intrusion in their home. Always went out of the way if a "family" member needed help including changing a tie rod in an unheated garage during temperatures in the teens about an hour away from his home.

Faith--You always knew where Frank stood with God. His study and life-walk made him insightful. Encouraging in others walks and evangelizing those he came into contact with. He was so encouraging and supportive when my hubby and I were on deputation for the mission field.  

I didn't share at the service, but what was so cool was that everyone who did share dealt with the same three topics. Silly grandpa, crazy Uncle Frank, hillbilly. Not taking a job with NASA because he didn't want to move away from  family. A son who's family now fosters because of the example his father set in including everyone in his family. A man who wrestled with God and recognized and was thankful that God won. A man who enjoyed the captive audience he had on the 2 1/2 hour bus ride to get his chemo treatments. He spent that time sharing the gospel. 

Over and over, the same three facets shone through his life. How cool is that? To be so real in who you are that everyone sees the same things in your life? No masks or roles. Just real.

And I wonder if among the things I'm remembered will be fun, family, and faith? What a blessing.

Definitely want my life and especially my Lord to be celebrated when I graduate! I still think I want to have a deejay and dance floor though.

Blessed that I could celebrate Frank's life and Lord on Saturday.

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