Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Turkeys in Ten Days--The Finale

Guess what? We ended up with ELEVEN turkeys in ten days!

Two of them were painted yesterday, so we didn't finish them until today. We threw in one more for good measure since I had printed the pages for it. We had a hectic day, so we waited until this evening after the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.

The first one from yesterday was a hat! I have it pinned here. I knew it wouldn't actually fit us since it originally only fit a toddler, but I just had to make it. I cut them a little narrow, so they didn't stand up quite as well. 
I think they are still cute, however!
Then mija had an idea for a turkey she wanted to make. I didn't want to hog the turkey spotlight, so we went for it!
That made ten, but were we finished? No way. Bring on the classic TP roll turkey. Originally we just going to do it all on our own, but I found sheets to color and cut at and it's even one of their free items! My hubby jumped in and made one of these, too.
Thanks for joining us on this turkey journey! Hope you played along. Have a great Thanksgiving.

We're done!

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