Monday, August 19, 2013

Remedial Home Economics for Busy Homeschool Moms

Remedial Home Economics for Busy Homeschool Moms
Home economics is not a subject on which I am well-versed.

Sure, I took the obligatory home economics classes when I was in school. I sewed a dashiki. I needle pointed a small picture. I made a sugar egg with a scene inside. You know, really practical stuff.

At home I picked up a little, but really was not expected to do much. You see, I was raised by perfectionistic grandparents. The fact they were my grandparents meant I was spoiled well-taken care of. The fact they were perfectionists meant I heard, “Just let me do it!” a lot. After all, why should they have me do it when they would just have to do it over again correctly?

So now, I am in a position to teach my daughter home economics. As a homeschooler, I know that this can count not only as a needed life skill but also for homeschool credit. Either way, I want her to have better skills than I do.
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