Thursday, November 7, 2013

Olive Oil uses besides cooking---make sure your house is level

Many have extolled Olive Oil for it's cooking benefits. Every Food Network star is BFFs with EVOO. But Olive Oil is AKA a household and health helper. 

So here's the 411 on some of the recent things I've done with it.

WD40 out and EVOO in for squeaky door hinges. In fact I find more convenient to use than WD40. I just pour a little olive oil in a paper towel or old rag and rub it on the hinges. I open and shut the door as I do this to get it throughout the offending hinges.

Here's the kicker!

The house we are living in is soooo unlevel that now that I've EVOO'd the hinges, the door won't stay shut! That is why I mentioned to make sure your house is level.

As a health helper, EVOO can help with your ears. 

Cotton Swab 3My ears were itchy. I frequently used a Q-tip thinking I needed to clean my ear, but to no avail. My doctor explained that I actually do not have enough earwax, so my ear canal is dry and feels itchy. She recommended that I put some mineral oil on a Q-tip and rub it gently in my ear canal.

 Well, I did not want to purchase or use mineral oil. Do you know that mineral oil is a petroleum product? It's related to the motor oil you put into your vehicle! Yuck!

So I used good ol' EVOO on a Q-tip for my dry ears! And before you say anything about sticking something in my ear, remember, the doctor told me to do it! Generally, it is severely frowned upon. So, stick at your own risk!

I have also read of using warm EVOO to soften excessive ear wax or to help with an earache.

Door hinges and dry ear are just two ways I've used EVOO in a 911!  Here's a little meme with some other ideas and don't forget to Google!

Olive oil love


Diane said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'll have to get out my EVOO more often!

arbrown said...

When I was little, my folks always put slightly warm sweet oil aka olive oil in my ears when I had a slight earache. In fact this has been used in my family for years with great success.

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