Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Things the Father Never Says to Me

This was a convicting article since I think I probably said these three things in the last 60 minutes alone!
3 Things the Father Never Says to Me
This summer our generous church family made it possible for me to take a three-month sabbatical. It was an amazing time that allowed me to spend more time with my family than usual. Together with our four children (ages 7-14), my wife and I did a three-week road trip to southern California, went camping, and kicked around our city. We played games and rode bikes and threw the football. I loved it, and am still thanking God regularly.
Not surprisingly, though, the increased time with my kids led me to experience more frustration (read, selfish anger) than usual, too. At times, I found myself looking forward to getting back to the normal routine where helping mediate adult conflicts can sometimes seem easy compared to keeping the peace in my home.
Though I have a great earthly dad, my heavenly Father has been my best example when it comes to loving and training my children well. So, amidst my frustration, the Spirit called my attention to a few specific things that I was saying to my children, phrases that the Father never says to me as His beloved child.

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