Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Praises

I know you're busy relaxing during Christmas break as am I, so I won't keep either of us long.

I just want to give thanks to God for what a nice Christmas we had. At a time in our life when we are facing another possible repossession, finding another place to live within a month when we have no money, and all the rest this unemployment has brought with it, we were remarkably blessed this holiday and mija hardly realized the bump in the road.

Her two favorite stocking stuffers
Aside from a Nutcracker and some chocolates for her stocking, we purchased nothing for her this year. All the stocking stuffers we gave were purchased at 50% off last year as were the Zhu Zhu pet items. Yes, I've kept this year's Christmas since last year.

I had wished to add something more, and God arranged that part.

Our church came along side us and some other struggling families in our church family and gave us gifts. Mija didn't know the church provided things some things.  All she knew was that there were presents under the tree one day. I just told her that God provided them! That's been a challenge for her to get her mind wrapped around!

In the gifts God gave, there was also a Price Chopper gift card. We determined that we'd use it to enhance the Christmas experience instead of for more practical things like milk and bread. From that gift card we made our candy and Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.
I posted about our White Christmas Crunch Squares. They were a major hit and required a second batch made...which still didn't end up being enough!

It's amazing to me how capable mija is becoming. Aside from me showing her how to separate egg whites from the yolk and doing the oven work, she made the whole Happy Birthday, Jesus cake herself! I remember when her contribution to the Happy Birthday, Jesus cake was just licking the bowl and now she's doing it all!
I know the yellow in the corner is the star of Bethlehem.
I'm not sure about the rest!
Lastly, but never really last when it comes to things God does for us, were gas cards. We were given some gas cards from individuals which allowed us to do our traditional Christmas Eve celebrations with my hubby's family about 50 miles away and the celebrate with my family on Christmas Day. 

Tomorrow, I'll share about a child's discernment and a new nutcracker tale!

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Cindy said...

I am blessed to read of your blessings!

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