Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Funny--My Own Nutcracker Tale

This might be a little bit more of just a smile than my usual Friday Funny since it's a personal story, but I hope you enjoy it just the same.

This was 2010.
If you've been around you know that mija performs in her ballet school's production of The Nutcracker each year. This was the 25th annual performance and the last one for the owner/director.

Our tradition has become to purchase a new nutcracker each year she's in it. We write on the bottom the roles she had and a couple of family events of that year.

Well, life this year has been more challenging including on the nutcracker front. 

First, we had to wait until we had a little cash and a little gas.

Second, we had to find one.
You see, it's not usually that big of deal to find a nutcracker. Many stores often had a aisle full from which to choose with sizes and styles as varied as there are versions of The Nutcracker!

But this year was different. I don't know if it was because we had to wait until 2 days before Christmas or because nutcrackers were just in low supply. Regardless, finding a nutcracker was challenging.

Store after nutcracker.

Then I got a lead.  Guess where I found a nutcracker?
Ignore the dust on the cabinet.
Just keeping it real!
Yup. It's our Home Depot nutcracker. He doesn't match the others very well, but he definitely has a story behind him!

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