Monday, June 24, 2013's Can't Make it to Convention Event--THIS WEEK

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Looking forward to some of these speaker sessions:
Monday, June 24th
7:00-8:00Charlotte Mason Style HomeschoolingShining Dawn Books
8:00-9:00Living MathShining Dawn Books

Tuesday, June 25th
7:00-7:30 Lapbooking with All SubjectsA Journey Through Learning
7:30-8:00The Most Important Concept in Science EducationElemental Science
8:00-9:00U.B.U. – No More Cookie-Cutter

Wednesday, June 26th
7:00-8:00Helping Students Create Relationships with the Books They
8:00-9:00How to Teach Homeschool ScienceElemental Science

Thursday, June 27th
7:00-7:30How to Keep your Homeschool Afloat, When Your Life is Sinking A Journey Through Learning
7:30-8:00NO MORE TEARS with Multi-sensory Interactive MATH!A+TutorSoft Math
8:00-9:00Creative Nature StudyShining Dawn Books

Friday, June 28th
7:00-8:00Social Sciences in High School (Psychology, Sociology)
8:00-9:00A Powerful High School

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