Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saving On-the-fly Money at CVS

Been dealing with a questionable scab and spreading rash-type thing.

It started with the small black scab, developed into the redness around it, then started a rash going around the opposite eye and then starting to spread to the  eye on the same side. I ended up taking her to urgent care last night.  

This picture show the rash has lessened greatly after two doses of steroids (I know. I know.) The redness around the little black scab is about as worse as ever.


What this post is about is saving some money at CVS.

We needed to purchase some hydrocortisone cream for face. I hadn't checked out the CVS deals yet, but I noticed that there was a tag advertising $2 in ECB when you purchased certain CVS brand products.

The cream was included in the deal. It was $4.99. We needed new band-aids, so I grabbed a $2.67 box. 
I got the ECB when I check out meaning that I got the box of band-aids for only $0.66! 

Can't beat really cheep band-aids when saving on-the-fly at CVS!

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