Thursday, June 6, 2013

Watching my Daughter's Spiritual Journey

I mentioned earlier this year about some evidence of mija's spiritual growth.

Well, her journey goes on.

Back in the previous post, she was thinking about baptism. Well, she took active steps to pursue it. She told our pastor she wanted to get baptized. She met with our pastor to discuss it. She wrote her testimony and turned it in.

And last night, she got baptized.

Here's one proud and God praising momma!


Cindy said...

I always cry at baptisms and this was no exception. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

She did beautifully, and I'm excited to see her obedience. Was she offended by Pastor Tim's comment about looking 4 years old? I figured she'd hate it. :-) And, what was the question that stumped theologians?

Betsy Price said...

She didn't seem to mind his comment. Maybe the age 4 sticks in Tim's mind because that's how old she was when we first started coming!

If I recall, I think her question was "Why does God allow Satan to work?" Something along those lines.

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