Monday, June 3, 2013

The Fourth Fisherman--a book review & giveaway

This was not a book I would pick up as a first choice. In fact, I did not. I tried to avoid it several times when choosing a book to read, but it still kept coming up.

I decided to read it because of the Mexican fishermen. I have a deep appreciation for the home of my ancestors. Viva la raza!

It was a good read.

Joe Kissack spins two tales which seem worlds apart and unites them in The Fourth Fisherman: How Three Mexican Fishermen Who Came Back from the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage

I will let this video of Joe Kissack explain:

I got into both individual stories, but it was not until later in the book that I understood why he told the story the way he did. A doctrinal student had told Mr. Kissack, "The fishermen looked lost...You, Joe...didn't look lost...But, Joe, in God's economy you were lost, whereas the fishermen were not lost at all. They had God."  Even with the explanation, however, I still think it would have been better as separate stories.

The book was honest with what it took for the fishermen to stay alive without glorifying the gore. The author was also honest about how far he had to sink and the work God had to do through him and his marriage. While God did a miraculous healing when it came to his addictions, recovering his marriage continued to be a big issue. 

A couple of reservations deal with fishermen's faith and Kissack's faith. I wonder about the fishermen's faith. Was it saving faith that continued after their rescue or merely a hopeful focus which helped them through the ordeal. I wish that had been further developed. My other concern was Kissack's faith. I can see how God saved, healed, and led him. My concern is how much feelings and emotions play in what he does. You see his focus on emotions vs. Biblical teaching in the way he continues to treat his wife after his salvation.

The Fourth Fisherman ended up being an interesting, inspiring, and fast read. The fishermen's ordeal is tremendous. It would be perfect for some recreational summer reading. 

Would you like to win your own copy? How about a giveaway?!?!

If you would like more information, the website is The Fourth Fisherman or follow Joe on Twitter

I received this book for free from WalterBrook Multnomah for this review.

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