Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ripple Along the Shore---Review for Summer Reading!

I just read Ripples Along the Shore: The Quilted Heart Novella Three.

So, yes, I read the last book first. 

Now, onto my review.

First, it is a e-novella which means short. It was a very quick, easy read available on Kindle.

Second, the story line occurs after the Civil War in the city of Saint Charles, MO which now is basically a suburb of Saint Louis but when the story takes place, it was a day trip up the Missouri River. This book focuses on Caroline Milburn and the others in the quilting circle. The city and the individuals are in the process of rebuilding and restarting their lives after the war.

As a standalone story...well, I figured things out but it would have been better to read the others first. I figured out who was who and the back story but it would have been easier to know because while the story features Caroline the others play major roles. 

The story itself was nice but not deep. The Bible and God were mentioned occasionally but not enough for me to consider this book of any spiritual benefit or interest. I would consider it mostly just a romance novel without s*x. 

It was pretty obvious where the story was going, but it still just ended kind of abruptly and unresolved in my opinion. The characters where stereotypical and not very deep.

Nothing terribly bad about the story but nothing terribly good either.

This book was given to me through Waterbook Multnomah's Blogging for Books for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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