Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AWANA Cubbies studying Creation Week

One of the reasons I've been too busy to check in daily is because I'm the director/leader of our Cubbies group.

Over the next few meetings, we'll be covering the days of creation. AWANA provides a lot of great things to use, but I get bored with just worksheets in class. On the other hand, I've been trying to provide parents with some additional worksheets which support our memory verses and preschool learning in general. 

I thought I'd share some things I have found to incorporate. 

First, I think this is so cool. It's the days of creation by a Jewish homeschooler. I LOVE how to tell a Kosher fish!

I am going to be using a simpler version of this for our next meeting. I had the Cubbies hands traced a few times, will cut them out beforehand, and make a smaller version of the sun for day 4 of creation. We'll stick the memory verse in the middle instead of a face.

I had also like this idea but thought it too much for one Cubbies meeting.

This is a cute creation book. Love it being hands-on.

This creation pack is cute but practical. It covers the days of creation and includes number and letter writing practice.

Lastly, here's a site with all kinds of worksheets, activities and even a Genesis lapbook!

Do you have any great resources for teaching creation?

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Thoughts From Me said...

When we did Mystery of History they had a really neat craft for Creation. It was a flip picture book so the kids could tell about the days of creation. It would probably be too much for a Cubbies class but my older elementary kids enjoyed doing it.

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