Monday, October 21, 2013

The Math of Manners

The Math of Manners

My latest piece over at Home Educating Family.

Dating sites use all kinds of math equations and algorithms for matches. Did you know that there is a math equation which leads to manners? A friend explained it to me a few years ago.

An Equation for Manners

I was in amazement that people commented on my daughter’s manners. We had been to a craft fair, and numerous people had complimented me on how she routinely said please and thank you without the usual parental prompt. It is kind of a sad commentary on things that good manners are noticed and not assumed, but I digress!

A few days later, I commented to my then four-year-old daughter that she has nice manners. I asked her if her momma had taught her manners in homeschool. She replied, “No.”

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