Monday, December 16, 2013

Empty Arms at Christmas

I have written about this previously on my blog, but this version I updated for the Home Educating Family Blog.

Empty Arms at Christmas

Infertility during the Holiday

I have written previously about the burden the infertile bear during Mother’s Day. That holiday is a fairly obvious challenge for those who cannot be a mother. What is often unrealized by the masses is that there are other celebrations and days that may also strike hurt, fear, and shame into the heart of those dealing with infertility.
Most know that Christmas can be a bittersweet if not downright sad time for some people, especially those dealing with loss. Most losses are more obvious;:a job, a home, a spouse through divorce. Of course, there are also those dealing with a loss because of death. In fact, I know of a young husband and father who recently killed himself. That is definitely going to be a hard loss for his wife and children to deal with this whole holiday season.
Another loss is to miscarriage. To lose (although, thankfully, not forever) a child during a time that is celebrating a birth can be amazingly painful. I am sure most could empathize with individuals going through that.

The Pain of Infertility

Many, however, overlook the loss of another group of people because it is not as obvious: the infertile. Most don’t think about how Christmas could be painful to someone going through infertility. Miscarriage is the loss of a baby. Infertility is the loss of the hope of a baby. Loss is loss and grief is grief, but the loss of a hope is too intangible for some to consider or recall, especially when busy with celebrating the holiday.
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