Monday, December 2, 2013

Homeschooling for Hanukkah...continues

Homeschooling for HanukkahLast Monday, I wrote an article for Hedua about Hanukkah. If you don't know what Hanukkah is about, that article is the place to start.

But I didn't merely write about it. We been doing it!

First, we've been working on a free lapbook from Homeschool Share. Find it HERE. It includes history and traditions. We've really enjoyed it. We are not done yet since we chose to complete it over the whole eight days!

We have a mini menorah and have been lighting it each night.We made potato latkes using leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. We used this recipe. I know it is technically not a latke but it was close. (Hint: be patient and use less oil than I did.)

We made our quick and easy donuts.

We still need to make and play with a dreidel, but there is time!

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