Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Funny: Leviticus, the read through the Bible in one year widow maker

It’s almost January 1st, which means New Year’s resolutions!
Statistically speaking, 82% of Christians will try to read the Bible in one year. (I made that stat up because blogs.)
A lot of them will think it will be easy. That is dumb. Why? Leviticus.
Genesis kind of woos you with stories. Ohhh, Adam and Eve! Joseph and his wicked awesome coat! All the stories! Dem feels!
Then you head to Exodus and you’re feeling good. I’ve got this. This is like a crazy desert soap opera. There’s a priest who just stabbed two people having sex with a spear. This isn’t a boring Bible, this is an action movie! Stallone was probably in the original, he’s pretty old.
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