Tuesday, April 11, 2017

He's just a created being.

Went to blessed class last night where the enemy of our soul was discussed. 

We do have a real enemy. He really does work against us. He really does hate us. He goal is to discourage and demolish us not just because of his hate for us but especially for hate of our Master, Father, and Maker.

I was able to add one thought to the conversation and thought I'd share it with you today. 

Sometimes we think that Satan is the equal opposite of God. For all the good and loving God is, the enemy is His exact opposite. Kind of like a balanced scale. 


The enemy is a CREATED BEING just like all the other angels, the earth, humans, our pets, etc. 

There is nothing equal between the enemy and our God. It's not even an unbalanced scale...it's off the scale!  It's comparing the the Creator of the scale to some item being measured on the scale...and being found wanting.

So, keep in mind, Satan is powerful; all angels are. That's the way God created them. But there is nothing OMNI- about him.

He's not omni-present like my God is.
He's not omni-powerful like my Lord is.
He's not omniscient like my Savior is. 

Remember to put your armor on today but praise God the battle is already won!

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