Millennials Postponing Adulthood, Study Shows.

He addresses three main facts to show this.
1. Fewer Millennials are married.
2. More are living at home or own their own home.
3. Fewer are living with their own children.
This is compared to Baby Boomers in the 
1980 Census. 

I don't disagree with Mr. Cothran's findings. I just wished he would have gone into reasons. I have a few reasons that do not necessarily mean immaturity.

1. They are not married because they have been raised in a more liberal environment. Marriage is not necessary. If that is your belief system, it does not mean immaturity just philosophy.

2. Besides immaturity, there's a big reason to live at home or not purchase a home. The economy is terrible. There are many of us who can no longer afford their own home. It is not because we are immature (stop snickering) it is because we do not have the funds make it happen.

3. I find that more of them not living with their own children are a good thing. If fewer of them are married, well, there should be fewer children, right? Fewer single parents having a hard to make ends meet financially and emotionally is not immature but a good thing in my book.

Obviously, we should be concerned about Millennials. Only 4% have a Biblical worldview. That explains A LOT.  I think we need to consider that when we consider their apparent immaturity. It is a major part of the cause. 

have a Generation Z, and I try not face her future with fear and I see what's going on with the generation before.

Give me so hope! What do you think? How are your Millenial children doing?