Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter

From's email...

Easter is only two weeks away. I enjoy Easter more than most other "holidays." And while we could lament at how our Enemy has turned this sacred day into bunnies and chocolate, we can also stand up and celebrate this day for what it truly is...the capstone of our Christian faith!

We spend many weeks decorating and preparing for Christmas, but for many of us, Easter sneaks up on us and we're not ready for it. Worse, many Christians fail to use this time of the year to spread the Good News; the resurrection of the King of Kings!

Are you sharing the Easter message in your home? Here are a few ideas you can do over the next few weeks to celebrate the upcoming day:

1. Buy an Easter Lily and watch it bloom. The lily bulb is lifeless looking, but something beautiful comes from it. It can symbolize our new life in Christ and Christ's resurrection from the dead.

2. Use this time to take a break from your regular Bible study and focus on the Easter message. You can print free coloring pages and other Easter activities from a simple search on Google. There are also many teaching guidelines available on the Internet, too.

3. Pray with your children for someone in your lives that does not attend church; perhaps that person is open to visiting church on Easter Sunday with your family. If not, invite him/her over for Easter dinner.

4. Hold an Easter Egg-Stravaganza. Don't have the time to plan it? Simple...we've got the whole party planned for you already in our E-book The Party Book: Holiday Hooplas. The Easter outline includes how to make your own Resurrection Eggs (simple, inexpensive!) to tell the Easter story through the "found" eggs, as well as a devotion to share with your guests.

5. This link from Christianity Today has some wonderful ideas to do for the week prior to Easter.

Enjoy celebrating Easter! We'd love to hear some of your favorite Easter traditions. Just visit our Easter blog and leave your ideas!

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