Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I hold St. Patrick's Day in high esteem, but not the way it's usually celebrated with little leprechauns and pots of gold.  I like to focus on the true meaning of the day which is celebrating the life of the first Christian missionary to Ireland.  Shamrocks are acceptable because they can teach about the Trinity.

My position does bring me some notice.  We were at a store the other day when mija noticed the "green stuff."  She asked me again what St. Patrick's Day was again.  I definitely got a few looks from people around me when I said it's a day that we remember Patrick who was the first missionary to Ireland and told them about God!

Anyway, will all that in mind, I decided to gather some St. Patrick stuff to share.  Yes, some will have leprechauns and such, but as long as the main focus is the truth, I'm "down" with it! :-)

St. Patrick Day Unit from Knowledgequestmaps.com

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Well, there's a few places to visit!  Hope it helps.

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