Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Schooler Gets Book Published

I received this from an email loop I'm on.  I thought it was cool.

We are thrilled to be able to finally let everyone know that Clear Water Press acquired the rights to publish Fable Weaver, a young adult novel that home schooler Carlie Gernhart wrote when she was 16. Two years and several revisions later, it's in print and we wanted to share our excitement with you. You can read more about it at www.fableweaver. com

If you're interested in a copy of Fable Weaver, they can be ordered on the website or from Carlie. Briefly, the book is about Linnet, a fable weaver with special gifts, who must cross into the alternate dimension of Tierra Fabula where storybook characters live their lives after their story is done, to face the worst villain ever, who is trying to take over both her world & Linnet's (what else would a villain do? lol).

If you know of anyone else who would be interested in Fable Weaver or finding out more, please forward this e-mail. Your help in spreading the word would be appreciated!

If you have a child who is interested in writing I highly recommend the "One Year Adventure Novel" curriculum (www.oneyearnovel. com). Carlie wrote her book guided by the curriculum as part of a fiction writing class she attended her sophomore year (& if you watch the info video on the website is the one with the blue streak of hair). It's a good curriculum to teach high school aged kids how to craft a novel, and homeschool kids in the KC area can take the class in person or buy the at-home version (free demo CDs available). There is also a lot online to enhance the curriculum (i.e. weekly webinars) & stuff to keep kids motivated (Carlie likes the forum where kids talk about anything from what makes a good villain to finding names for characters - a neat place to connect w/other kids from around the world who are passionate about writing) as well as a yearly contest. For the record - I don't get any commission (lol), but feel it's a good resource for the home school community and can see how much it's helped hone Carlie's writing.

On a side note, Carlie's children's story, Arf!, was published last month by BOTAR (Belles of the American Royal) after winning their contest last fall and will be given away in Kansas City schools as part of their reading program. It's also available in the AR gift shop. We just found out that they plan on making it into a coloring book as well. Needless to say, Carlie's having a good senior year! Go home schoolers!

Thanks for indulging a proud mom - I'll sign off now before I lose my last button. ;o)

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