Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ahh!! My child is behind!

Balloon_Man_2.jpgLast week, we attending a school carnival for our church's Christian school.

We don't usually attend because, well, we don't attend the school, but I'm so glad we did this time.


Because I realized mija is lacking two skills that attending school requires.

First, standing in line. 

Yup, mija doesn't understand standing in line.  She didn't understand getting in the back of the line, making sure no one cuts in front of you, losing your place if you step out of line, etc. 

Thankfully, standing-in-line skills that she can learn in places other than a school.  I can point out the manners involved in standing in line in our day-to-day life which is actually a benefit of home education. Not a major issue.

Second, age segregation.

Each grade had its own colored shirt.  You could see students from each grade hanging out together.  You didn't see little blue shirts with big yellow shirts or medium green shirts with smaller orange shirts.

I could see mija running around to visit with her blue friends and her orange friends and some green friends.  She did start hanging more with a specific friend, but it didn't hamper her from visiting with whomever she chose to visit.

Do I want to remedy this?  NO WAY!!!  That is one of the benefits of home education.  My child can form relationships with people based on mutual admiration and commonalities instead of socializing based on a forced age segregation. 

So, two school skills.  One , not a big deal which can be learned in life.  The second, a big deal that not learning will benefit her in life.


Cindy said...

Nice! I recently read a post from a new home school graduate where she outlined what she 'missed' out on being home schooled. Let's just say she agrees with you ;)

Betsy Price said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to see it! Thanks for stopping by!

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