Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do you Trick or Treat?

Now is the time of year to ask yourself that important question.

Do you trick or do you treat?

Do you TRICK with your family by participating in Halloween?


Do you TREAT your family by remembering a hero of our Christian faith?

Every year we remember Martin Luther and the start of the Protestant Reformation.  We chose this time of year because OCTOBER 31, 1517, Luther hung his 95 Thesis on the door of the church at Wittenburg.  That little act had HUGE consequences that we live with to this day.

This year, Catherine Jaime made it even easier.  I've reviewed other books and products she has done, so it wasn't a surprise that she would have a great product for Martin Luther, as well.

She offers "Martin Luther Lapbook Masters".  Keep in mind, it's exactly what it says.  It's master copies of things related to Luther that you can copy to make your own lapbook.  It doesn't tell you how to put it together nor does it teach you about Luther. 

So, if you don't know about Luther, you might want to read a book about him first.  You could use a classic like Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther (Hendrickson Classic Biographies)  for older ages or Martin Luther (Men of Faith) which I have used as a read aloud for mija.

Today we reviewed the time line included in the unit.  We had a little fun by cutting out the pictures and acting out the time line.  Then she made her lapbook.  Again, this doesn't tell you how to put it together, so I allowed mija to determine what to include and where to put it.

Here's the final product:

Here's her cover.

She wanted to do a page with the whole Luther family.  On the map, she traced the travels Luther made.

Here's the total inside.  She used the pictures of other key individuals and marked them on the timeline and used some of the other elements included in the unit to finish her book.
This was such a great review, and she always enjoys the creativity involved with compiling a lapbook!
And you still have plenty of time to do one for yourselves!  This unit is available on Currclick.com for immediate download, and right now, it's only $0.75!!!  That's right.  No TRICK involved.
So, TREAT your family to this lapbook to remember and rejoice in our Christian heritage!


cmmjaime said...

Thank you for the great review and I'm glad your daughter enjoyed learning more about Martin Luther!

Happy Reformation Day (a few days early!)

Cindy said...


When my kids were little, we would get together with another family instead of going out and talk about the origins of Halloween and why we weren't participating. I wish I would have done this also!

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