Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How much is that DOG-gy in the window?

tvWe've done away with our Dish Network.  We're back to good old-fashioned rabbit ears.

We've gotten used to it.  In fact, we've come to find things we quite like about it (especially the price!).

The past week I've had some of my "feeling poorly" days.  It's those days that having something educational on TV can be beneficial.  I don't have to instruct and educational hours can still be counted.

Yorkshire TerrierPBS has had some great episodes about dogs.  They've been really interesting.  Besides, who doesn't like to watch dogs?

You can watch the whole episodes on PBS, in fact.
Nature has two different episodes: "Dogs That Changed the World" and "Dogs By Design".
German Shepherd Dog"Dogs Decoded" by NOVA.

Here are just a few facts that I thought was interesting.

The DNA of all dogs track their ancestry back to grey wolves.  Mija is having major challenges wrapping her mind around the fact that our chihuahua ancestors were wolves.

But there was one fact both programs were sure would be surprising to Darwin.  The "evolution" of the wolf to dog happened (gasp!) within a human generation.

Hmmm.  Gives one pause, yes?

Also interesting that they are using the word "evolution."  After all, a wolf didn't evolve into another species.  Certain wolves merely "adapted" themselves into another character.

Anyway, such things make for good conversations and clarifications for the family!

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