Thursday, October 6, 2011

Growing in her own faith

Hawaiian night at AWANA
 It's hard to believe that my little baby is going to be seven next month!

What has really been cool the past few weeks is seeing evidence of her growing in her understanding of spiritual things, "trying things on" as hers, and asking questions to verify her beliefs.

Mija has learned that if my Bible is open in front of me and/or I have my glasses off and my hand covering my face,  I'm "spending time with God."  Not as original as Susannah Wesley putting an apron over her head, but she gets the point.

Recently, I started a new Bible study that includes online accountability.  So now, she sometimes finds me with my computer open.  The other morning she tip-toed around and eventually asked if I was just on my computer or "still with God."  How precious that was to me.  Not only was she being sensitive to my needs, but more importantly, she knew that my quiet time was serious and involved God. 

Of course, with October the big Halloween issue comes to a head.  We don't do Halloween preferring instead to focus on Martin Luther and the Reformation.  He posted the 95 Thesis which started the Reformation on Oct. 31, 1517.  Depending on where we live, we do hand out candy with Gospel tracts because when else does the world come to your door?

Anyway, we've explained to mija both from Biblical and historical views why we don't recognize Halloween.  This has caused some concern on her part why other Christians do participate.  A couple of weeks ago while playing with some friends from church Halloween came up as a topic apparently because when they left, mija informed my husband that she had talked to about it.  "I told them we don't do Halloween because that's when Satan's priests have party."  Well, not tactful, but she gets points for honesty!

She must have had a similar conversation when her cousin came over because the day after she asked me a question.  She was playing with her blocks on the floor, looked up at me, and asked, "God does hate things doesn't He?  Primo says He doesn't."  I assured her that, yes, there are things like sin and evil that He does hate.  To make it easy, I just took her to Proverbs 6 to show her a small list. 

I really appreciated the fact that first, she obviously was mulling over spiritual things on her own and second, she knew to come to us instead of just taking someone else's word for it.

I know that growth is a process.  I'm thankful when God let's me see some outward evidence.  Still praying that outward behaviors are an evidence of what the Spirit is or will be working on the inside beliefs!


Stacie said...

I love how sensitive and how much of a thinker your daughter is! I also love her directness and honesty! :-)

Betsy Price said...

Thanks for commenting!

Yes, she definitely is a thinker.
I remember Easter time when she was 3. I almost lost it when she said she wished she had never been born! Thankfully, I held it together long enough ask why. She said so Jesus wouldn't have had to die for her sins!

She definitely keeps me on my toes!

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