Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They don’t need socialization! They need FRIENDSHIP!

Laurette Lynn
"The Unplugged Mom"
Have you heard of The Unplugged Mom?  I first became familiar with her at the HECOA teleconference back in September.  Her meeting was entitled "De-Schooling Dynamics".

She believes strongly that home educated children do not socialize nor do they need to be socialized.

In fact, one of her recent pieces is "They don't need socialization! They need FRIENDSHIP!

Check it out.

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Micki said...

Going to read this morning - this sums up our experience totally. Our daughter was more miserable the longer she was in school "socializing" with kids that wouldn't accept her, wouldn't tolerate her, wouldn't be kind to her. What a number that does on a kids' self-esteem year after year!

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