Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Review and Recovery ;-)

Did you all have a blessed birthday celebration?

One of our traditions is making a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake.  This year, mija made it mostly by herself with only a little help separating the egg whites and getting it in and out of the oven. We discussed how to decorate this year and here's the finished product.

Christmas Eve was spent with my hubby's side of the family.  It always includes pizza, gifts, games, and lots of noise!  Keep in mind, my MIL lives in a one bedroom house and the family that was able to be there included 4 siblings and their spouses, 10 grandkids and 4 great-grandkids which is 23 people all together with my MIL. 

We live about 50 minutes away from his family so it was after midnight by the time we returned home.

Poor mija, she woke up this morning in the same clothes she wore last night, looked at the tree with gifts and stated, "I so tired..."  Not quite the excitement you'd like to hear Christmas morning!  She managed to open everything.

Don't get too impressed with the gifts.  This has been a VERY rough year, but God's been faithful.  Some of the gifts I actually have stored for about four years.  Some, we had in layaway.  A few I won on Ebay for great deals throughout the year. One friend actually gifted us some cash to help out as well.

We got ready for church, and mija wore her Christmas dress.
After church, we went to my family's celebration.  Dinner included tamales.  Christmas isn't Christmas without tamales!  My husband's day was spent doing a lot of this...
All those twisty wires and such makes it sooooo long to open presents!

My hubby had to work this evening, so it's been a quiet evening of sorting through paper, gifts, boxes, direction sheets, etc. and finding homes for all the new things.  

The highlights of the two days includes all the great fellowship with the families and mija mentioning in her prayer tonight, "Thank you Jesus for being born to die for our sins."

How was your birthday celebration?

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