Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills...

cow cattle spot color While driving to grandma's house on Thanksgiving, we passed some low rolling hills with cows on them. 

And I said,
"My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills."

And mija said,
"Wow!  Your daddy must have been rich!"

After a little giggle, I assured her my Father is rich and explained to her that I was referring to a verse in the Bible (Psalm 50:10).

Here's the question I've never had answered.  If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who owns the ones in the valleys?  Okay, I ask that in a joking manner...kinda.
cow cartoon
Definitely have been in a valley this past weekend.

But regardless of my location, my little discourse with mija just goes to show me how much more she needs to learn, and how much I still need to teach her. 

For instance, I need to teach her that even when a valley comes your way, the Father is with you and comforts you (Psalm 23:4). 

I just hope I can actually live it in a way that teaches her through example and not just explanation.

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