Monday, December 5, 2011

A little "nuts" after The Nutcracker

Well, we have finished our big "Nutcracker" weekend. We will have one more performance next weekend.

I notice I wrote "we". Sure mija danced her heart out, but I was backstage supervising costume changes, and making sure knees didn't get dirty, performers are on stage on time, and dancers are entertained and fed while not on stage.

Mija's dance school did two school performances on Friday and THREE public performances on Saturday.  The "official" Kansas City Ballet only do two performances each Saturday, so our kids are troopers!

Here are some highlights from my weekend.

Besides performing, wearing makeup is a big deal.  Also, smiling now includes making sure people can tell that I'm missing two teeth!

  Killing time while playing with Barbie dolls that she's not allowed to have at home.  Pretty much everyone just brings toys to share with all.

Hamming it up backstage.

But she did have her times onstage as well.

Everyone loves the buffoons.  Mija got to come out from under the mother's skirt this year!

It was also cool, because in the performance we watched, Clara and the prince were played by a homeschooling brother and sister!

We had to make sure to get a picture with her teacher Miss Sarah, and her mother, Mrs. Ames who owns the Ballet Conservatory.
The Kansas City Star actually had a nice article about Mrs. Ames and our Nutcracker HERE just go down to "Another Nutcracker."

If you're interested in adding "The Nutcracker" into your curriculum this December, you might get some ideas from  The Ballet Conservatory's curriculum link.

After one more performance next week, we'll purchase our nutcracker for the year.  Then we'll dream of sugar plum fairies until next year!

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