Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making and Saving Money--the blog way

You may not know this, but I blog for the fun of it.  I enjoy sharing things I find and appreciate the opportunity to strengthen and grow my writing abilities.

Another interest I have is saving my family money.  I used to blog about my coupon and saving deals on my other blog, but I started sharing more about it here.  

Regardless of my blogging topic, I generally don't get paid.  My blogging isn't a money making activity.  My reviews sometimes bless me with a free product, but no moola.  In fact, it costs me to blog.  It costs me time; time that could be used for my home, family or educating responsibilities.

My husband is fine with it because he feels I need to opportunity to write and to network.  That's a BIG encouragement.

Sometimes, however, I feel badly about what it's costing my family, so I try to use this forum to make a little money.

That is why I started sharing things on this blog that deal with coupons or great deals.  For instance, each week I post the Sunday insert preview which looks like this:

Every time someone clicks it to check, I earn a few pennies.  

Or when I shared about the cool Vistaprint deals like the personalized stockings, I earn a little bit if you click my link and purchase one.  I only earn if you go through my links, however. 

I earn a little bit if you click my Amazon link on the sidebar and purchase anything.  Or sign up for Swagbucks (which I highly recommend!) Or print a coupon from

And I've made myself a promise, that I wouldn't share anything that I either haven't used or wouldn't use or at least try.  For instance, there are TONS of survey and credit card things that I could share for a few bucks, but I don't trust them and wouldn't use them even though my sources are reliable.

Burst Purple sale left purpleAll that to say, if you have any inkling of interest in what coupons are coming up, joining Swagbucks, or anything else I share, it would bless me greatly if you clicked my links.  

I'm trying to offer you opportunities and help my family a bit at the same time!

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