Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An exciting opportunity coming for you & me with Eternal Encouragement.

You already know that I review with the Gabby Moms program which is part of Eternal Encouragement

Well, Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement has something special planned for both of us.  

For those who subscribe to Eternal Encouragement Magazine, there will be a new addition.  You see, the magazine comes out quarterly, but starting in January, there will be a new, monthly, online publication for those who subscribe to the magazine.  It will be called Etc.

Isn't that great!?!  More encouragement for the same price!

Where do I come in?  

Well, Lorrie asked me to be a columnist for Etc.!  Yup, I will be writing pieces for it each month.  Needless, to say, I was honored that Lorrie Flem wanted me to be part of something this important and special.  Please pray for me, so I will write pieces that will share God's truth and encouragement.  

Look for more details later!


Jenny said...

This is so exciting! I am honored to be on the team with you. I adore your writing.

Betsy Price said...

Thanks, Jenny! I'm the one that's honored to be doing this and to continue to work with you! You've been a BIG blessing.

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