Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bible Time--Getting spiritual exhortation from my daughter

If mija has a good day behavior-wise, she gets to read for awhile after her bedtime. She usually likes to have a "Bible Time" during that time. She'll read her Bible or one of her Bible story books. Sometimes she even copies a passage in her notebook. It's a blessing to see her desiring the Word of God on her own.

The other night while I sat on the sofa, she hurried out of her room and gave me a note and ran back to her room. It took me a little while to get to it. After all, I was just expecting another cute picture or the like. This is what I found.
I was touched. My daughter and just copied something. She has specifically copied something she wanted me to have. It was such a blessing to receive Biblical exhortation from my daughter. Looking forward to the years ahead as we exhort each other in the Lord.
Oh, and don't you like my portrait?

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