Thursday, March 8, 2012

Messiest Room Contest & Spring Clean by

Isn't this the coolest idea? And it's only $2 for 3 sessions and entry into the contest! Here are the facts from 


 Is your room MESSY enough to win?

Do you have what it takes to get it CLEAN and then win again?
Sign up today to join the contest

General Information

Just $2 per student for 3 sessions and entry into the contest

Sessions begin March 20th
Three half hour sessions with lessons on organizational skills!

Required: Pictures of your messy room and a willingness to get it CLEAN!

A $25 gift certificate to THE CONTAINER STORE online will be awarded for the messiest room 

Another $25 gift certificate to THE CONTAINER STORE will be awarded for the cleanest room at the end of the contest!!

Contest Procedure:

  • Sign up (enroll each student participating)----->  Shared room with 2 participants are accepted as one contestant.  Enroll one student only.  Prize will be shared.
    ----->  Shared room with 1 participant is accepted as one contestant.  

  • Take picture of messy, untouched room and send to Ms. Lindsey on the course page

  • Voting and winner for Messiest Room announced during first class session

  • Attend Organization Series Classes

  • Clean up room and apply learned organizational skills

  • Take picture of room and pass in on the course page

Picture Details: 

  • Must send a BEFORE and AFTER picture.

  • Pics can be no larger than 300 by 300 px, jpeg, and no bigger than 20 KB 

  • Messy Room pic deadline March 19th -- upload picture to Contest Course Page on CurrClick LIVE

  • Clean Room pic deadline April 2nd -- upload picture to Contest Course Page on CurrClick LIVE

  • Pictures will be shared on the course page for voting purposes

Voting Procedure:

  • Voting will take place within class so you must attend to get your ballot in the box  

  • Students are NOT allowed to vote for their own room  

Let the Organizing Begin!

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