Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Things You Learn from Perry Mason

My husband and I are getting "more mature." We're developing habits. This one involves late night television.  When my hubby isn't working a night shift, our night time viewing habits have become the following. 

  1. The Twilight Zone
  2. Perry Mason
  3. The Untouchables (This one is mostly just him since I usually head to bed by then!)
Never take a case to Perry Mason, by the way. Someone always ends up dead when you do!

But we did learn something on Perry Mason last night.  

Martin Luther was a bowler! Did you know that? He actually had a single lane beside his house. Here's a little article about the subject.

So, now you know you can integrate the subjects of Bible, history, and PE!

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Eddie said...

Huh - learn something new every day!

We've recently introduced our older two kids to Twilight Zone and it's led to a lot of interesting discussions (which unfortunately has also meant very late bedtimes when we all get caught up in it).

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