Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purim starts tonight Wed, March 7--Queen Esther Rocks!!!

When you ask most little boys who their favorite Bible person is, they most often respond with David. Ask a little girl the same question and you get Esther as the answer. 
Tonight starts Purim, the Jewish holiday started by Esther's actions and recorded in the book of Esther. (It will end tomorrow evening.)

In case you don't know the story or would like to watch it, here's a cute video telling the story.

Here's a few ways the holiday is celebrated that you might easily add to your day!

1. Ready the story of Esther. Every time the name "Haman" is read, shake a rattle or noise maker. No one wants to hear his name!  

2. Dress up. Costumes are a big part of Purim. Of course, Esther, the king, etc, but any costume works!

3. Sharing food with others in any form. Give to the needy or have people over.

4. Make Hamantaschen.  Cookies that are triangle-shaped which represents Haman's hat.
Want some more ideas? Visit these sites.

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