Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hamantaschen Cookies for Purim

Last week I posted about Purim. One thing we did make sure to do was to make Hamantaschen, cookies shaped like Haman's triangle hat.They look like this:
We used this recipe.The first thing I recommend is to read the whole recipe. I had just checked the ingredients. I hadn't realized the dough needed to be chilled, so it ended up being a two day project. Second, keep in mind that I'm a lazy cook, so cookies you have to chill, roll, and cut are not on my usual menu. Lastly, it was my first time dealing with cookies that involved wetting the edges to pinch or crimp. All that to say it was a learning experience for me as much as it was for mija.

Things were going well until mija forgot to keep the dry ingredients separate from the wet. We made it work.
The next day we finished the cookies. I had to soften it up after 24 hours in the fridge, but mija finally managed to have her chance to roll.
Now I will make a special comment about the rolling pin she used. It was my grandmother's rolling pin. My grandfather made it for her. It's the same rolling pin I used when my grandmother taught me how to make things like pie crusts and tortillas. You might remember I wrote about my grandparents HERE.
The next step in making Hamantaschen is putting a little jam or preserves in the center. Doesn't everyone sit on the table while making cookies?
The last step was the shaping. We dampened the edges and made the classic triangle shape. Here's a tray of our work.
We need more practice pinching apparently because our finished cookies looked like this:
But we did have a few that really looked relatively good.
So, this was how we celebrated Purim this year. It was fun, educational, and definitely memory-making.

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I just love the picture of your daughter rolling out those cookies. And of course the cookies look good, too. Please consider linking this up to my new weekly blog hop - http://hammockhomeschool.blogspot.com/2012/03/fun-learning-site-quizlet-and-hs.html

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