Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics--Great deals on great resources!!

I enjoy being an affiliate for It offers so many things mija and  
I enjoy and I get to share them with you. Just in time for the Olympics, it's...
CurrClick Countdown to the 2012 Summer Olympics
Just like it states, you can search for 12 free country studies.  You know what it think about FREE!!!  Then 10% off a lot of Olympics resources. In fact, some are even free!

Let me share a few of my favorites that I'm using or have used.

Live! For Kids: History of the Olympics
I love anything done by the Founders Academy. Mija often asks when her next class with Mrs. Schott is going to be!
Live! For Kids: History of the Olympics is a 30 minute class on the history of the Olympics for ages 5-7. The sale price is only $4.50.

Live! Olympic History

She's also doing Live! Olympic History. This class is 60 minutes and for ages 8-18. It's marked down to $6.30!

Either class from Founders Academy would be great!

Olympics upper-lower case filefolder
How about something free? Here's Olympics Upper-Lower Case File folders labels! There are a lot of cool things you can do with them.

The Summer Olympics 2012 Lapbook with Study GuideOne thing I already have and am getting ready to use is this great lapbook by A Journey Through Learning entitled The Summer Olympics 2012 Lapbook with Study Guide. I chose it because it covers the history of the Olympics, the current Olympics and then allows you to keep track of winners in 15 events, AND get's 58 pages, for ages 5-10 and only $0.45!!! Yes, you can't go wrong with $0.45!!
So, look for those free units and save with some Olympic resources!!  There are a lot to choose from. These are just a few I recommend.  

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