Monday, July 30, 2012

Now is the time for Advent Calendars!

It's time for Advent Calendars if you plan on making your own that is. I mentioned before that I've been making a counted-cross stitch Advent Calendar. It's not much further along than when I wrote about it last year! And now, I can't find it since the move.  (sigh) I might get it done before mija goes to college!

You don't have to wait until your child goes off to college, however. In fact, you can act now and bless a missionary or ministry of your choice.

A friend from church does Heart FELT Truths which does felt Bible stories and Scripture memory for little learners. They are offering a special between now and August 31st. 
Here are the details:

Any full-price Advent Calendar purchased between now and August 31st gives you the opportunity to purchase an additional Advent Calendar at a discount rate to have shipped to a missionary or ministry of your choice. Advent Calendars cost $40-45.00 + 8.25 shipping. Additional calendars will only cost an additional $30.00 (that includes international shipping!) That's why you need to get them ordered now, because shipping internationally can take time.
They are also offering DIY kits at a special rate right now. The DIY Kits are currently listed at $16.00 and $21.00. For the presale you can not only get a head start on preparing your Advent Calendar before the holiday rush, but you can get an additional kit for only $6.00 during our Holiday presale! Make one for yourself and a friend as a great Christmas gift.

So check out her website now to find out how to order this great deal and great item!

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