Friday, July 20, 2012

Yelling: a review, Kindle book, and FB Party

So much to share!!

First, back in November, 2011, I did a review of Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, and The Cure in which I did a poor job since I was in a big funk. It deserves a better review and here it is!

Yelling. I've done it. I confess. Although I try not to use it as part of my regular repertoire of discipline, it comes out at times. Especially when I'm not feeling well or stressed.  The wonderful thing about Lorrie Flem's book is that it recognizes that. Just like the title states, Mrs. Flem deals with the causes and the cures of yelling. She gives an 11-step plan that makes sense and can work. I know. I've tried them.

Here are just a few points or quotes from the book that have made a difference in how I choose to respond.
  • Look at it this way, if it isn’t life-threatening, if the house is not ablaze, if it is not time to call 911, or if the child you are yelling at is not half a mile away, then yelling is the wrong choice...
  • ... to stop yelling is to understand what triggers the yelling.
  • When we are behind, frazzled, hurrying, and trying to move fast, a child may anger us much more easily, causing us to yell.
  • Lower your expectations.

There is sooo much more, but you have to get the book yourself to find out. 
You see, Mrs. Flem of Eternal Encouragement has released this as her first ever Kindle book. Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure is available regularly for $4.99 at Amazon and of course, you can download the Kindle program for free for your computer, tablets and smart phones.

The awesome news is you can get the book for FREE on Tuesday, July 24. And not only will you get Yelling for free but a whole slew of additional freebies!  I mean over a hundred dollars worth of stuff you'll receive for free just by purchasing the book on Tuesday, July 24.

If all that weren't enough, Lorrie is also hosting a FB Party that day. Part I will be from 2-4 EST and Part II will be from 8-10 EST. You can come to one or both and glean on this topic live from Lorrie!

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