Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm glad I didn't freak out...what would you have done?

I didn't freak out.

Last night, mija started a VERY interesting discussion that I could have easily overreacted to. 

She started asking questions like:
"So, how do you know God really exists?"
"How can God be alive forever?"
"How do you know the Bible is true?"

I KNOW!! I'm thinking, "Oh, no! My daughter is only 8 years old and she's already questioning her faith!"

Some of the answers included:
"Because the Bible says so."
"That is why it is called "faith". If we understood or knew for sure, we wouldn't have to believe."
"Daddy and I tell you what the Bible says, but that doesn't mean WE understand it either. You don't have to understand to believe."
"The fact that God is eternal and knows everything just goes to show us how BIG God is and how little we are."

So here are my thoughts.

  • Props to my hubby and me for not going off half-cocked and saying things like "Because we told you so" or "How in the world could you ask that!"
  • Thankful that mija felt that she could openly discuss her questions with us. I pray it stays that way about Biblical things as well as other things.
  • These things means she's been thinking about her faith. She's not just taking things at face value, but evaluating them. She's making sure she knows what she believes and why.
What do you think? Do you think my thoughts are right or am I missing the mark?

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Cindy said...

I'm quite sure I would have done exactly as you. Then afterward, got on my knees and prayed a little more for my child ;)

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