Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Websites--art and craft

I'm starting a new series on Wednesdays. I'll be sharing websites that I come across. 

I'll also continue to post them on my Helpful Homeschool Website page.
Have you used my page before?

Today's topic will be Arts and Crafts.

One email I look forward to checking out comes from All Free Kids Crafts. The ideas I really like I pin. You can always just go check out the site instead of getting emails.

Everyday Art was a community art project from a few years ago, but each assignment is still available online. There is a gallery of photos of projects that were submitted at the time. Some projects take months, some only a few minutes. Some cute ideas to use or use as a jump off place.

Garden of Praise is really cool. It has entries for famous artists which tell their stories and show a variety of their artwork. Then it has online puzzles, games and printables which review the artist and what was covered. These are at an elementary level but enjoyable for all.
The site has a lot of free resources on other subjects, too!

What are some resources you use? Please share!

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