Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More evidence of Spiritual growth

Last week, I wrote about some challenging questions mija asked my hubby and me.

I want to continue my conversation with some encouraging news and comments made by mija.

The very night she asked those ponderous questions, I came home to find out a friend had passed away. Mija had never met my friend and this conversation resulted. 

"Was your friend a Christian?"
"Well, since I'm saved, I'll get to meet her someday."

I appreciated that first, she was concerned about my friend's salvation (a little late, but still). Second, she claimed her salvation (which she has done before). Third, she shared her eternal hope.

baptism, girl, coming out of the water, up, afterThe following night we attended the church business meeting. Our pastor mentioned baptism. Mija hasn't been baptized yet because we want her faith to be her own and not something we artificially forced on her. Well, when he mentioned baptism, she whispered, "Can I? Can I?"

We talked more about it on the way home. We're praying about it with her and having her write out her testimony as we know that is a requirement at our church.

So, while we made sure we didn't freak out with the previous conversation, we also made sure not to show extreme excitement about her choices. She knows we approve, but once again, we want her to do it for the right reasons and not just because her parents want it for her.

I'm sure more updates on this issue will be coming along!

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