Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning about Electricity and a Video to help

Mija has been doing some "shocking" learning. Electricity has caught her eye.

I all started with her sheet and blanket. One night she saw the "tiny lightening" and was actually a little freaked out. I explained that she was just seeing static electricity...like when one of us rubbed a balloon over our hair.

That calmed her, but she was intrigued.

And then this happened when we were folding clothes one day.
Two strings from this rag (yes, I cut up old things to make rags) were just standing up, side-by-side, due to static. You could put your hands over them and under them and they wouldn't move. It was really cool.

So, now I am finding little lessons to teach about electricity.

One that I found was through Super-Charged Science. I've posted about free classes with them before.  Well, I found one lesson and experiment on electricity and am using it. 

I really like how Aurora Lipper of Super-Charged Science makes everything easy and accessible.
So, if you want a fast lesson about electricity check out HERE. It mentions an access code, but I didn't need one. All I used was my email address, and it took me straight to the lesson.

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