Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Websites--American Revolution--History

We will soon be learning about the American Revolution in history, so I wanted to find some sites that would add to our learning.

First are a few that I already have listed on my Helpful Homeschool Websites page.

Liberty's Kids--It was a TV show which can still be found at the library. Even without the show, there are some fun information and activities on the site.

Archiving Early America--This has a lot of cool information from the founding documents to the obits of the Founding Fathers. 

George Washington's World is presented by You can play games while exploring Mount Vernon, do jigsaw puzzles, and learn about the archaeology used there.

Here are more I found: 

Kids Konnect has a page about the American Revolution which includes some fast facts and a lot of links about the subjects.

Mr4. Nussbaum offers some cool resources. There are timelines, activities such as word searches, videos, and printables some of which can be integrated into other subjects. 

Fun Hands on Unit Studies has a six week unit on the American Revolution. What's really fun about this site is that it really is hands on. Making mop caps. Reenact the crossing of the Delaware. Make a secret code. You get the idea.

Do you have any good ideas about books or sites?

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