Monday, March 25, 2013

On my soapbox--feminism

I do not like feminism. I think it is lie of the enemy used to undermine family, church and society.

I didn't used to be so gung-ho. There was a time when I thought it might be okay for a woman to be a pastor as long as she wasn't a senior pastor. I thought if a woman wanted to be in the army, let her fight alongside the men if she wanted to. A little boy unwilling to wrestle a little girl was probably afraid of losing to the girl.

You see. I've been there.

God's brought me along a path to where I am now, but it wasn't always a pleasant path.

A few resources God used were:
  • Above Rubies--it offers a free magazine, newsletter, yahoo group, blogs, retreats and more. 
  • Eternal Encouragement--it now has a free digital magazine, Lorrie's blog and products, and FB group.
  • The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality--This book was written by Mary Pride of homeschool fame. Pride, who was a staunch, second wave feminist, shares her story and the truth behind the feminist agenda. While there a few things in the book I don't agree with, most of it was eye-opening and convicting.
Not everyone agrees with my new understanding, however. Even godly women that I respect have issues with my anti-feminism agenda.

Therefore, it was nice to see an article distributed by Answers in Genesis which I thought was spot on.
Does history hold a bias against women? Members of the radical feminist movement seem to think so. Radical feminism has had incredibly destructive effects on marriage and the family—and its influence has also been felt on the church. Evangelical feminism teaches an egalitarian view of marriage and roles in the church, to the point where passages that clearly teach male headship are reinterpreted, explained away, or ignored altogether. As a result, many men are abdicating or being forced out of their God-given roles as heads of their households and as leaders in the church. The negative effects of this kind of postmodern thinking have led to serious attacks on the authority of God’s Word.
Read the full article HERE.

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