Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Websites--Science

After participating in World Science Day last week, I decided we needed to share some science websites.

Answers in Genesis is an awesome ministry an they have Answers for Kids which means all the science there has a Biblical Worldview. There is a lot about animals and there are also videos and activities. 

Steve Spangler Science - Making Science Fun!
Steve Spangler Science sells all kinds of science supplies, but they also have a whole page of science experiments. I like it because the pages separates them by subject and each experiment explains the science behind it. I like that because a lot of experiments just seem like fun activities with no explanations about what it demonstrates.

 Scholastic has The Magic School Bus page. Mija enjoys the games and activities, but was disappointed to find only clips from the show and the book link was to purchase the books not for online books. (I understand why, but she was expecting more.) There is also a link for parents/teachers with experiments, printables, etc.

With Easter coming up, it might be nice to remember Candy Experiments. It even has some specific experimnts for Easter eggs and Easter candy! They even have a book.

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