Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Projects: Resurrection Rolls and Stained Glass Cross

Yesterday we did do projects for Easter. One was art and one was baking, but both focused on the real reason for the season.

First, I had come across a cute idea which I posted on Pinterest. I had to use what I had available, so our stained glass cross was a little different.

We didn't have cling-on paper, so I used clear contact paper. We tore off the backing a little at a time and put torn tissue right on the back.
We didn't want to just remember the cross, so we went a step further. I wrote "He Is Risen" on the contact paper and then we tissued the back just like we did on the cross.
I would have used the black Sharpee, but again, we used what we had! I then cut out the words leaving the outline intact. 
Here's our finished project.
I just attached it with household tape. It looks really cool during the day, too, with the sun behind it, but I didn't want you to see the boxes and laundry!

Then in the evening we made Resurrection Rolls. It's been a few years since we've made them, so the experience was fresh for mija.

All you need is a roll of biscuits (you know, the scary kind that can pop at any moment), marshmallows (preferably white mini or large ones cut in half), a little butter, and a little cinnamon sugar.
You set the oven temperature according to the container.

You use these items to tell the resurrection story.
First, you spread out the biscuit explaining that Jesus was laid in a borrowed tomb.
Then you lay Jesus (the marshmallow) in the tomb. He's white because He's been wrapped in grave clothes.
Jesus laying in the tomb anointed with oil and spices.
Then you put a little butter and cinnamon sugar on Jesus. It was a speedy burial, so they couldn't prepare the body fully but did put some spices on him when he was buried (John 19:40).
Of course, the tomb needs to be sealed up tightly by folding the biscuit over and pressing the edges together.
The sealed tomb.
We put the tombs in the oven for about 10 minutes. Check on yours. When they are golden brown remove them. Let them cool for a few minutes.

When you are ready to open them...
Jesus is gone! He's risen from the dead!

Little ones really are gobsmacked by it and even mija was asking "Where did Jesus go?"
Of course, the marshmallow has melted in the oven leaving behind an empty (and yummy) tomb.

We actually made three each allowing each of us to have a turn to tell the resurrection story.

There are many kinds of resurrection rolls recipes, but I really like this one because of the ease and the obvious object lesson.

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